Merchant Navy : Guidance on Interviews and Pychometric Tests

Guidance on Interviews and Psychometric Tests

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About Course

The Course focuses on the problematic areas of Merchant Navy Entrance Procedures:-


1. Psychometric Test

What is it?
Test for assesment of Aptitude towards Merchant Navy, mandated by DG Shipping, Govt. of India.
What we offer?
* 5 Videos with instructions on the same with well thought out and interesting visual aids.

2. Interview skills and Shipping Company Interview Questions

What is it?
A face to face interaction with the expert to test a student's soft skills and knowledge.
What we offer?
* Videos with general instructions for an interview with the help of lively animations.
* Mock Interview Videos focussing on technical and personal questions generally asked in the interview

Additional Offerings

*Expert Career Counselling and Guidance by Captain Trehan.
*Career Opportunities and Exam Date Update.

Technical Instructions

Validity of the course- 8 months

  1. For Mobile App Mode :
    4G Internet or Wi-Fi with a decent speed will be required for Android App Mode.
  2. For Pendrive Mode :
    Internet at the time of first time login.
    *4GB RAM or higher, i3 processor or higher and Windows 7 or higher.
  3. Read it carefully- 
    You will be given 1.5 times of the total duration of lectures as viewing time. i.e. for a 100 hour course you will get 150 hours of total viewing time.
    *There is no viewing limit on particular lecture. 
    *You can watch the lectures on only one Android Phone/Computer (PC or Laptop)

Important FAQs

Is the course available in Pen Drive?
Yes, the same course is available in pendrive mode also. You will have to pay Rs. 500 extra for the same 
Will the videos work on iPads, iPhones?
Apologies, to the apple users. We only have android app in place as of now. We are working on the iPhone App.
How many times the videos can be watched?
There is no restriction on the no. of views per videos. However, the total viewing time is restricted to 1.5 times of the course duration.
How & when will i get the Pen Drive?
*If you have opted for Pendrive, you will get the Pen Drive at your place of residence. So make sure that while registering you are providing correct address with the correct PIN CODE.
*It will be dispatched on the next working day when you will book the order on our website.
*You will receive the Pendrive within 7 working days. Working days exclude Sundays. *In case the address is incomplete or incorrect, you will have to bear the courier charges.
How to ask doubts?
We will provide Whatsapp support for doubts for better understanding.
You have to Whatsapp your doubts to Capt. Trehan and his faculty in the dedicated whatsapp group. (you will be added to the group after subscribing the course)
When will the video course expire?
This video course will expire after 8 months of purchase date or 1.5 times of viewing time whichever is earlier.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. Please note that course once subscribed cannot be cancelled.
  2. The amount paid will not be refunded.
  3. The course subscribed cannot be changed with another course.
  4. The Course is not transferrable.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT.For technical assistance call us (9915005021) or mail us (
  6. FEES ONCE PAID IS NON-REFUNDABLE.Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


General Interview Tips
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General Technical Questions asked in the Interview
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General Personal Questions asked in the Interview
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Guidance on Pychometric Tests
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